Corner Cafe 29


1850 Collegeville Rd., Collegeville PA

Corner Cafe 29 joins Hemingway’s as another attempt in Collegeville to re-tool an unsuccessful restaurant. In its space in a new strip mall was Ray’s Burgers and Fries. As I said when we tried Ray’s, there was nothing remarkable about the place, and I didn’t understand how a place that didn’t do really well what chains were doing just fine was going to survive. And, it didn’t.

It appears that the same owners are trying a different tack: the breakfast and lunch joint. As much as we need a diner like a whole in our head around here, I’m always up for another dependable place for a weekend breakfast. Luckily, Corner Cafe 29 delivered on this score. I went for the standard bacon and eggs to get a baseline judgment on the place, while Rick had a chicken florentine omelette:

Rick enjoyed his omelette, as well as the potato cake that came with it, which was interestingly spiced and a nice alternative to homefries. I was quite pleased with my homefries, which were, as you can see, abundant, but with a nice crisp to them. The eggs were cooked well, and though the bacon was a bit overdone, we were pleased with the food, as well as the service and the attempts made at redecorating what had been a cold space.

With a good variety of breakfast and lunch options, it would seem that Corner Cafe might be what the area needed: a little place that could, with dependable food and a homey atmosphere. The location shouldn’t hurt, as it gets a ton of traffic; while we ate, several people came by to get the menu, so there is certainly interest. And, I’m interested in returning to try some other options.

(A rant: for the life of me, I cannot understand how a new restaurant these days can open without a good-looking, functional website. The website for Hemingway’s is largely useless with no menu nor clear hours or even directions. The Corner Cafe 29 website has its menu, hours, and location, but unforgivably says it’s “under construction.” Seriously, no web site should say that these days when you can pop out a Yahoo- or Google-supported website in an afternoon even if you know nothing of web design. I mean, I’m not asking for Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, or any other “new media” integration: just don’t have a dumb website for starters. End rant.)


One Response to “Corner Cafe 29”

  1. Ken heatwole Says:

    I haven’t tried your establishment, as of today, but am interested in doing so! I love corn beef hash! Is it a good product in your place! Needs to be tasty, so as for me to return! I give a fair shake! I’ve been going to one of your near-by diner’s, I love it there, but they are out pricing their-self! Hope to see you soon!

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